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Baxter Bond
I am mostly drawn to landscapes and nature, maybe because of my affinity to be in nature, but I try to dabble in all types of photography. Currently, I am studying Yup'ik language and Mechanical Engineering at UAF.

Olena Ellis

Born and raised on the coast of Maine and having lived in many different areas of America, I appreciate the many elements that make up any lifescape, especially the experiences, traumas, joys, and tears that create one’s richness of individuality. I am interested in catching images within images encouraging the viewer to slow down and contemplate what they are seeing. I like when my images have a story and the viewer can feel a connection to an image.

Rui Guo
Dreaming to shoot portraits under the northern lights.

Nyla Ivanoff

Instagram: @_nivanoff
What I enjoy about photography the most is the memories I create whenever I capture the scenery around me. My photography is mostly scenes that I have to stop and look at in different angles to see every possible picture I can take.

Kael Knight
I've always loved photography, it has been a constant in my life since childhood. I'm particularly fascinated by the relationship between light and shadows, the tone they set in photos, and the thoughts they inspire in individuals.

Laura Kromrey

My name is Laura Kromrey and I am Alaska born and raised. True to this fact, I love being outside and taking part in outdoor activities such as hiking, running and enjoying all that the area around Fairbanks has to offer. After spending last summer out in remote regions of Kodiak with only a phone camera to try and capture the beauty of the landscapes and animals I encountered, I decided it was time to “get serious” about photography and finally buy a camera. It’s been a great learning experience and my goal is to get at least one good shot of the Northern Lights before I graduate!

Miles Leguineche

My name is Miles Leguineche and I focus on photographing the flora and fauna of Alaska and beyond. Growing up in Alaska, I have always loved what the outdoors had to offer, from the sweeping landscapes of the Alaskan mountains to the massive moose freely roaming our cities. This affinity for the outdoors is what drew me towards nature and wildlife photography. My goal is to travel near and far photographing natures beings in their natural habitats. My favorite subject to photograph is the Dall sheep of the Alaska range, there’s nothing better than the thrill of finding a big ram. Recently, my travels have taken me to: The Olympic range in Washington state, the caldera of Yellowstone National Park, the Channel Islands archipelago off California’s coast, the ice caves of the Mendenhall glacier, and the Amazon rainforest of Peru.

Kimberley Maher

Kimbo Maher thinks of herself more as a potter than a photographer, but over the last two years, she has begun dabbling more in the 2-dimensional world. In November 2016, she had her first solo photography show, entitled "Postcards from the Slope.

Sarah Manriquez

Growing up on a tropical island off the coast of Honduras in Central America, I was never without a black, plastic disposable camera encased in a yellow wrapper by Kodak. Camera firmly clenched in my hand, I weaved and bobbed through the mangrove trees on our property at the water’s edge taking photos of everything. Taking photos is something I have loved for as long as I can remember. I’d never have guessed the disposable cameras I ran around with would one day turn into viable career opportunity.  At the young age of five, I distinctly recall thumbing through family photos and knowing I had something special in my hands. There is something magical about capturing a single and fleeting moment in an image that you can keep forever.

My name is Sarah and I am photographer. I am interested in the nude female figure. Much of my work revolves around form studies and is a contemporary take on boudoir photography. I am very interested in the body positive movement and my goal is to create beautiful images of women that will empower her and hopefully help shape a more confident sense of ownership and pride in her skin and of her body.

Javed Miandad 
I am a Masters student in the Department of Geological Engineering in UAF. I came to Alaska last August from Bangladesh. I worked as a Wedding photographer for some years in my undergrad. However, my favorite genre has always been street and lifestyle. I love to travel and meet new people. I think photography is a strong storytelling medium and I want to express myself through my photographs.


I enjoy photography because there's so much a person can get from a picture without a single spoken word. I like to experiment with lighting and shadows in my pictures,  I like darker pictures because they tone down the focus to a certain area that the artist is trying to get across but also leaves room for imagination.

Kathryn Reichert

Photography is generally seen by many as a medium that depicts a degree of truthfulness. This view stems from the fact that "seeing is believing" and to catch it on camera means that it must have existed in some moment. My work demonstrates how "truth" can be manipulated and is based on perception. I use photography as a means of expressing thoughts and memories: the things that are not readily tangible and physically seen.  I often incorporate the use of compositing, digital painting and forced perspective to do this. I also enjoy working with toy cameras, color-shifting films and alternative processes.

Zayn Roohi
Zayn Roohi is an award winning photojournalist and filmmaker. Currently the assistant photographer at the University of Alaska, Roohi also owns a statewide mixed marketing firm, BIZZAY. Through his firm, Roohi is currently working on a feature film, 'Chance.'

Bryce Schwarz

I am currently studying Justice at UAF. My goal is to pursue Law Enforcement. I love Alaska and all it has to offer. Within the last couple years I have taken a keen interest in photography to document some of my new experiences. I enjoy photographing both landscapes and wildlife around the state. I look forward to growing in my skills and continuing my adventures in Alaska.

Byron Thorne

I primarily photograph nature and try to give my subjects at least the appearance of being free from human influence. I find a solace in nature and attempt to capture a small part of that beauty to bring into our everyday human lives and remind us of that peace. I also enjoy attempting to capture the ephemeral beauty of unique lighting and unusual perspectives on sometimes ordinary subjects.