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Our club advisor is Charles Mason, head of the photography department at UAF.


Sarah Manriquez, Director

Major: Art w/ Concentration in Photography                                                               Minor: Music

Born in Carson City, NV and raised in Honduras on the island of Roatan- traveling, culture and language has been a large part of her life. Originally she started college at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque as a Foreign Language major. Since coming back to school after a gap period of several years, she has changed her major to art with a concentration in photography and is pursuing a bachelor of fine arts. Sarah enjoys being part of the UAF community and is a member of several organizations. In addition to serving as the Director of the Frozen Lenses Photography Club, she is a member of both the Student Ceramics Arts Guild and the Honors Program. She also plays the string bass with the Fairbanks Symphony Orchestra. She is primarily interested in photographing the nude female figure. Much of her work revolves around form studies and is a contemporary take on boudoir photography. She is very interested in the body-positive movement and her goal is to create beautiful images of women that will empower them and hopefully shape a more confident sense of ownership and pride in their body.


Miles Leguineche, Co-Director

Major: Petroleum Engineering

Miles Leguineche was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. He has always loved the great Alaskan outdoors and the adventures they hold. This affinity for adventure drove him towards his love for nature and wildlife photography. Miles has traveled close and far photographing natures wild beings; his favorite being the Dall Sheep of the Alaskan range. He always jumps at the chance to travel to new places and photograph new species and environments. Recently, his travels have taken him to: The Olympic range in Washington state, the caldera of Yellowstone National Park, the Channel Islands archipelago off California’s coast, the ice caves of the Mendenhall glacier, and the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Miles started attending the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2014 where he is currently pursuing a degree in Petroleum engineering.


Kathryn Reichert, Media Manager

Major: Art, Business

Kathryn Reichert was born and raised in New Jersey. Her restlessness and love of adventure kept her traveling along the eastern seaboard whenever possible and she found she enjoyed photographing all of the moments along the way. She came to Alaska as a soldier in the US Army and loved it so much that she now calls the state home. She began attending UAF in 2015 as a non-traditional student, pursuing bachelors degrees in both business and art (where she is focusing on photography and printmaking). Her current projects utilize forced perspective and manipulation as a means of exploring imaginary places and "what-if" scenarios. She mainly shoots digital imagery but enjoys incorporating film and alternative processes into her workflow. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and museums across the country and published in several magazines.


Deborah Lawton, treasurer

Major: Art

Running a race past the Kodiak bears in the Bronx Zoo reminded Deb Lawton of a childhood dream to explore the far north. Less than a month later, she set out for Alaska where she remains some 20 years later. Highlights of her time here include producing documentary films at KUAC, and handling for Rick Swenson, the Iditarod’s only five-time champion. Enchanted by the play of light here, she recently began pursuing a bachelor’s degree in art with a concentration in photography.