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The Witching Hour: Myths, Legends, Lore & Things That Go Bump in the Night

A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our opening reception for The Witching Hour on Thursday, Oct 4! We had an excellent turnout and were very pleased to share a huge multimedia exhibition of over 80 pieces from more than 30 artists!

We have a digital exhibition opening this Monday, October 15 in addition to the physical pieces. The digital submissions will be cycling on a large screen in the gallery.

Lastly, we will be determining our Prize Pumpkin on Thursday—but there’s still time to cast your vote! Simply head over to the UAF Art Gallery, take a couple pumpkin stickers in the jar by the door and stick them to the wall under your favorite pieces. If you were with us for “Heart my Photo,” you’re old hat at this! ;)

The exhibition comes down Thursday evening, Oct 18th! Come check it out before its gone!

Design: Kathryn Reichert

Design: Kathryn Reichert

Peter MacKeith Jury Results

Congratulations to our selected artists:

  • Tim Adickes
  • Baxter Bond
  • Josh Chavez
  • Hannah Gerrish
  • Nicholas Janssen
  • Laura Kromrey
  • Miles Leguineche
  • Sarah Manriquez
  • Mark Melham
  • Javed Miandad
  • Lindsey Parkinson
  • Kathryn Reichert
  • Bryce Schwarz
  • Byron Thorne
  • Mary Webb
  • Phillip Wilson

The online gallery will be available after the show opens. Our opening reception and awards ceremony will be held on Friday, March 3 from 5-8 pm at Arctic Java at the Wood Center. We hope you will join us!

Thank you to our juror, Seth Adams!

EXTENDED DEADLINE.... Peter MacKeith Memorial Photography Exhibition

The deadline to submit images for the Peter MacKeith show has been extended to Friday, February 3, 2017. The original blog post has been updated to reflect this, as well, so there is no confusion.

Don't forget to enter (and share with your friends!) The contest is open to all UAF students (you'll be prompted to login with your UAF login info) and is FREE!


What an INCREDIBLE turn out for the show! Thanks to the wonderful folks at Venue for helping us make this event a possibility (and just a downright classy event, at that).

Congratulations to all of the winners:

  • Best in Show: "Salix Alaxensis"- Sarah Manriquez
  • Honorable Mention: "Light"- Nina Sikes
  • Honorable Mention: "India"- Sarah Manriquez
  • Honorable Mention: "A Page's Edge 1"- Bonnie Mund
  • Venue's Choice: "Tangled"- Elizabeth Hanson
  • People's Choice: "Summer Sleep"- Artem Zhdanov

The online exhibit is available for viewing here.

Also, check out this amazing promo video that Venue created for us!

AND this awesome article from the Sun Star:

Photography group, Frozen Lenses, to present "Illuminate"

Extra thanks to Nate and Kara for hanging the show (and their endless patience)!  Photo courtesy of Sarah Manriquez

Extra thanks to Nate and Kara for hanging the show (and their endless patience)!

Photo courtesy of Sarah Manriquez

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Reichert

Photo courtesy of Kathryn Reichert

Photo courtesy of Sarah Manriquez

Photo courtesy of Sarah Manriquez

Photo courtesy of Sarah Manriquez

Photo courtesy of Sarah Manriquez

"Illuminate" Selected Artists, Announced

March 18, 2016

Juror selections are in! Exhibiting artists in Frozen Lenses first juried call for entry are:

Bax Bond, Savanna Burke, Alyssa Enriquez, Elizabeth Hanson, Miles Leguineche, Sarah Manriquez, Bonnie Mund, Charlotte Peterson, JR Ramos, Kathryn Reichert, Nina Sikes, Mary Lila Webb and Artem Zhdanov.

Thanks to all of those who shared their work with us and a special thanks to our panel of esteemed jurors: JR Ancheta, Dustin Auerbach, Jan DeNapoli Cosmutto, Karinna Gomez, Zoe Jones, Ryota Kajita, J Jason Lazarus, Charles Mason, Richard Murphy, Brian O'Donoghue, Ella Quimby and Teresa Shannon.

Online gallery is open for viewing here.