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The Witching Hour: Myths, Legends, Lore & Things That Go Bump in the Night

A big thank you to everyone who was able to make it to our opening reception for The Witching Hour on Thursday, Oct 4! We had an excellent turnout and were very pleased to share a huge multimedia exhibition of over 80 pieces from more than 30 artists!

We have a digital exhibition opening this Monday, October 15 in addition to the physical pieces. The digital submissions will be cycling on a large screen in the gallery.

Lastly, we will be determining our Prize Pumpkin on Thursday—but there’s still time to cast your vote! Simply head over to the UAF Art Gallery, take a couple pumpkin stickers in the jar by the door and stick them to the wall under your favorite pieces. If you were with us for “Heart my Photo,” you’re old hat at this! ;)

The exhibition comes down Thursday evening, Oct 18th! Come check it out before its gone!

Design: Kathryn Reichert

Design: Kathryn Reichert