Frozen Lenses

photography club

2017: Circumpolar

For many, the word “polar” conjures images of a volatile and extreme environment: isolated, wild and dangerous. However, some see these cautionary overtones as an invitation. Regardless of whether people come to escape the busy life of the city, test their grit in the face of the unknown or to simply experience the breathtaking beauty of a land largely untouched, one thing is for certain: the lure of the north is something that unrelenting, beckoning to adventure-seekers and lone wolves, alike. Frozen Lenses would like to see what it is that calls to you. Show us your vision of life, circumpolar.

Circumpolar is on display at Ursa Major Distilling (2922 Parks Highway, Fairbanks) from April 7- April 29, 2017.

Thank you to our juror, Jeff Schultz, for his insight and expertise in curating a beautiful exhibit. Congratulations to the selected artists! For more information on the artists, click on their name to be directed to their website.









This exhibition is hosted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Frozen Lenses Photography Club which strives to promote and educate emerging photographers in Fairbanks. All proceeds are going to support the club further its mission.